Alamin Hossain Bangladeshi Successfully Musical Artists

  MD KAYEAS AHMED ২৪ জানুয়ারি ২০২৩ , সময় : ৩:২৬ মিনিট অনলাইন সংস্করণ

Alamin Hossain
Alamin Hossain

Alamin Hossain is a Bangladeshi musician. Listen to the success story of Alamin Hossain, a successful young music entrepreneur who has been on the path of 19 years. Since her student days, her interest in cyber security and musical has made her a familiar face.


Alamin Hossain has already been verified as the official artist of the international music platform

YouTube and Spotify. His YouTube channel was

verified as the official artist channel on YouTube in June 2020, and he recently got a place in artist verification from Spotify.


He has multiple songs on international music platforms. “It is not possible to do normal work outside the home in an epidemic situation,” he said, referring

to the digital state of work in the Corona situation.

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